1st blog

I’ve decided to give blogging a go. I  had a fear of expressing myself publicly which I feel I have no longer and why not?.


I like politics. I like politics when it’s theoretical and trying to work out how to make living on this planet better. A problem solving approach, which makes me feel happier.

Then there’s political reality and party politics. As an individual it’s very difficult to achieve anything on a large scale. Societies have created politicians to do the job of implementing ideas to make the world better. The problem is that politicians don’t actually do this. It seems what starts out as an intention to make things better or a really good idea, gets twisted by the political system into policies that seem to make matters worse. The need to appeal to artificially created groups of people, invented by statistical analysis  to ensure they can keep doing the job. This politics makes me angry and feel depressed.

Anger is a negative thing, it doesn’t do me or anyone else any good. Yet it can inspire me to do something, to try and get the politicians to listen to what people want, rather than what they produce. I feel it is also important to spend lots of time not being angry and more productive.

I’m on the mailing list of 38degrees , a campaign group, which sends out requests for help campaigning on various issues. What I have found strange is that the number of campaigns I support is in the high 90s percentage wise. Talking to people, it seems that the majority agree with the majority of what they say, so it seems undemocratic that these opinions seem to be ignored. Of course everything costs money, so politicians have to balance the books and try to keep taxes low, so people have some disposable income, so in implementation some ideas are less favoured.

So, why oh why, are some things done badly when they actually cost more than the alternative and lead to people being poorer. Why is keeping your job as a politician, someone who wants to make things better, mean they feel required to make things worse, merely to stay in the job and achieving the opposite of their intentions.

Opposites. Sometimes useful truths come from opposites. I once lived in a house with someone with the opposite view of a political system, myself being left wing and he right wing. We had a long chat about politics. In terms of the ideal society that should be aimed for, we were in complete agreement! What we disagreed about was how to get there, or rather how to treat people along the way.

I could go on for hours, but enough for today!

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