LGBTQ & Sexuality

I’m still working out what to do with this blog. what i wrote yesterday wasn’t to definitively answer the question, but rather contribute my own personal view. I described myself as a heterosexual chap. That is I feel too simplistic.

I was involved in a discussion recently about the sexuality of fans of pop superstar Marina and the Diamonds. I gather that her fans principally consist of gay men, teenage girls and people like me/ general oddballs.

Really these three social groups can be described as outsiders, people who struggle with issues surrounding not fitting into mainstream culture. Indeed much of Marina’s material concerns such issues and coming to terms with being an outsider. Which may be while her music appeals to these groups.

In this discussion the term LGBTQ as opposed to LGBT community. I was correct in guessing that the ‘Q’ referred to ‘Queer’. It seems that this grouping now included me, someone whose sexuality doesn’t fit with the mainstream and other groups, such as those who feel no sexual attraction to either men or women.

It is always self-affirming to realise that you are not alone and that there are other people like you. but I think that everyone is queer, no-one is so average that they never feel in a minority.

So, what is my sexuality. Well I am only attracted to women. However I find that the women I am attracted to seems to differ from the typical heterosexual man. I generally don’t find alluring at all the images found in ‘mens magazines’. I am attracted to a mixture of personality traits that can be describes as towards the masculine end of the spectrum and also quite  feminine traits. This is kind of reflective of my own personality, I am a mixture of masculine and feminine traits. some masculine activities I engage with, for example I am an avid football supporter, I do so in a feminine way.

Really, as I suggested yesterday, it’s important to celebrate human diversity, to make efforts not to judge people by what they are and to be tolerant of things you don’t understand.


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