Outside Introvertia

Introverts generally seem to understand extroverts better than introverts. but why? is it simply that introverts look into the world of extroverts, (as we like to socialise too!) but extroverts don’t get to spend the time observing introverts in their space (i.e. alone).

I like the definition that Introverts simply expend mental energy when in company that they need to recoup in time alone, whereas extroverts gain mental energy in company and lose energy when alone. This is fairly straightforward, so why isn’t it understood well by many extroverts?

Some introverts are ‘insiders’ who are generally accepted socially. They are at ease talking with people and can get away when they need the space. Life is that bit tougher for Outsider introverts,a misunderstood minority? (I am one of these).  Outsider extroverts do well I think, as they are seen as comfortably strange but fun, interesting and not uncomfortable to be around. So, outsider introverts, people who don’t quite get the social world of the majority around them, are less skilled, or slower to learn how to interact socially without making people uncomfortable. slower to learn because less time is spent socially, as it’s energy draining.

I also find the world is getting more difficult for outsider introverts. we have the introverts unease with mobile phones and the pressure to have to be ready to be ‘on’ at any given moment and having to explain to people that you need to switch it off and go off-radar sometimes *(which many extroverts don’t get). In Britain, housing space is getting smaller and there is less space to get away from people to re-charge.

Maybe extroverts, don’t need to understand as they are the majority, is this true? Social norms dictated by the tyranny of the majority? Maybe introverts have been neglected by recent social shifts as they have been more pressing social problems to sort out: racism, homophobia, sexism etc. which whilst better nowadays have some way to go. The world has changed a lot in my lifetime, so perhaps the needs of introverts haven’t been addressed with the new technology.

This is a massive subject, which I’ll probably re-visit at some point. Bigger question. Is success in life simply finding out how much of a minority you are, so they concept of ‘fitting in’ no longer becomes important?

So far my blog has been an identification of all the various minority groups I belong to, Am I using this to make my corners heard?

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