War and Love

I’ll stick with this minorities vibe until something else pops up. Four years ago I became a member of another minority, when I realised that I had become a Christian.

I had been listening to a lot to J.S.Bach and Renaissance Polyphony. As a younger person, I’d steered away from such music simply because it was music written for praising God.  I was prejudiced towards the music as I was agnostic. Really as a much younger man I’d steered away from metal as I didn’t see the point of music about death, hate and destruction. Freeing your mind from prejudice is such an important step to take in life.

So I’m in this tiny minority of Christians who also like metal. It was so affirming to meet a curate at a church in Scotland who also liked metal. I am not alone. Coming to Christianity via music was important. I love music, it has the ability to instil an understanding of meaning, that no word (especially from an ancient text which has undergone multiple translations over time) or image can do, though I wonder if people who love the visual image or written word more like anything find this for their preferred art form?

Anyway, having become part of the Christian community I quickly realised that there is as much diversity in thought and opinion, if not more so, than in the secular world. What I find concerning is how in Christianity as in other religions, there is a tendency for different groups to congregate in different churches and this fosters prejudice against the other groups, so there is a constant battle with this directive force and Gods message of love. Christianity and the church are essentially separate entities, the church being the  gathering place for Christians, however politics manages to rear it’s ugly head.

My understanding is that God understands that humans are weak, troubled confused beings, yet loves us for trying to make sense of it all and act morally. Through the example of Jesus and the presense of the Holy Ghost, God reveals a way of achieving spiritual calm and enlightenment we should all continue to strive for, yet know that we should never have the arrogance to believe we ever reach the end of this journey. This is amazingly good news.

Yet, we have so many different churches, so many different styles of worship,linked with differing interpretations of the Bible. If you live in a small place, where there is one church, that is where all Christians and the curious would go. In larger towns, there is a plethora of churches to choose from. The church has created minorities within Christians and this has led to much war and destruction. whilst lovers of metal music  are generally some of the most peaceful loving people you could hope to meet.  My point is that it is hard to tell whether there actually is any more love in the church than there is outside it.

This raises the question of what is the point of being a Christian? For me it is simply helpful for myself as an individual to achieve a sense of calm, loving reflection through worship of God and I would recommended it to anyone, the hard bit is perhaps  finding a church if that benefits you as an individual.

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