Ageing Boy Bands

Writing this blog has been interesting for me. I have reviewed issues that have been influential in my life from a more mature perspective.

With age comes a greater understanding of yourself as a person and a greater understanding of the world and other people. With increased understanding there is less anger as there is a greater appreciation that other people are different have different experiences and have chosen different priorities. There comes an appreciation that you cannot re-mould the world according to yourself. Whilst it is positive to remain an agent for  positive change, there is an awareness and acceptance that you can’t change the world entirely, that one should develop oneself and specialise in seeking solutions in a specific area. Improving the ability to shut off ones feeling of rage at the world to give oneself focus and direction.

It is natural for the young to be angry, the world is an unfair maddening place. It takes time to throw off the assumption that the world can be fully understood, that life is simply a series of revelations in understanding, but the full picture is never achieved.

Some people realise some things when they are 20, whereas others realise that thing at 60, yet these 60 year olds understood other aspects at younger ages. I believe an awareness of this is perhaps the mark of maturity. I was about 30 when I realised that it doesn’t matter at what age you learned something about yourself, what is important is that you learned something that positively impacted on your life.

With increased acceptance and understanding of the world, a more complicated view emerges. Yet, youth is looked back on, somewhat jealously as a time when things seemed simpler.

Listening to contemporary songs is a fascinating journey. As a teenager, pop/rock stars expressed how I felt and they seemed superhuman. We pass through being contempories of the musicians which is very interesting. Where I am at now, where the vast majority of pop/rock stars are younger than I, is perhaps even more fascinating. It is even more insightful to listen to songs written about issues I have long passed though, rather than eagerly anticipated. It is simply refreshing to hear the rawness and connection with the feelings I once had which have become faded over time. It is good to be re-connect with the energy and clarity of motivation that older people have drowned out with more complex understanding.

I used to really dislike boy bands. They represented to me the worse side of the record industry; bland, manufactured pop music lacking creativity. I’ve never been the target group (I’ve never been a teenage girl) for such music so I shouldn’t really have cared.  I have been a teenage boy and as such, inflicted my share of incompetent yearnings and pressure upon them, unable to see clearly that they are exploring themselves too. Now I can understand the appeal of escape to fandom of a bunch of unthreatening attractive young men, to discuss the straightforward music of boy bands with contempories as a way of learning through interaction with contempories.


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