Why I don’t have a girlfriend?

The majority of my friends are women, I think because I relate to women better generally. I like getting to know new people and making new friends. I don’t distinguish between genders in general conversation, as I regard that as being sexist, I  switch between serious conversation an flirting for everyone I meet socially.

There is also my approach to developing crushes on ladies. if I meet an attractive lady, I do what I can to suppress those accursed butterflies apparating into my tummy and try and approach the conversation as if meeting anyone new. The lady in question will  be seen first as a potential friend if I like their personality. It is only secondarily that a romantic liaison is considered.

However, I have become aware of this concept of the ‘friendzone’ [sounds like an the worst boy band in the world]. That there is a general difference between how the different genders approach new people. The ramifications of this have me screaming ‘Oh No!… not again’ and I enter another minority grouping.

To explain, to most ladies, meeting a ‘eligible’ chap, they look primarily to the potential of a relationship. If this doesn’t happen then a friendship may develop, the chap then enters the ‘friendzone’, a state of being friends where it of highly unlikely a relationship will happen from.

Arghh! This is an incompatible opposite of how I operate. For me to consider a relationship, I need to enter the friendzone first, before moving on to a relationship. Yet it seems that by doing so, the chances of this happening are radically reduced.

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