Pop Politics

sometimes people are cynical about things. Sometimes, people feel less cynical and at ease and tolerant of the world.

Madonna has always been an interesting artist. She isn’t the greatest musician or vocalist. She is an interesting artist because she is very clever at producing music that is popular, whilst retaining an edginess, thus providing a social commentary on the times and popular music industry at the time. Madonna has retained her longevity but being able to continually re-invent herself as popular music changes.

I have never been a fan of Madonna. Indeed often I have felt cynical towards her music, because there has always been better, more interesting music available. I felt a sadness, that she has been popular whilst other artists, perhaps were more deserving of the limelight. Popular music is however is a reflection of what the ‘masses’ want, so listening to her output from this standpoint, one can find it interesting as social commentary and enjoy it for what it is. for there is always other music available for a deeper involvement with. This applies to other figures, such as Britney Spears or Katy Perry.

Politics, in terms of the machinations of party politics and media coverage of political events, is also interesting. This politics reflects popular concerns and serves as social commentary. It is also easy to be cynical about it as politicians don’t make the best decisions. Unlike pop music, it is harder not to get depressed about the situation, as these poor decisions affect the world and often are the causes of death of people around the world.

Like pop music, politics is a reflection of what the ‘masses’ want, or rather are told what they want by popular media. For example, a recent issues if that with high national debts, a focus has been on how rich people avoid paying there taxes. Yet the politicians spin this and instead blame obese people for costing money. In a democracy, the masses vote and keep voting in politicians that reflect popular views, which are always at a superficial level, never getting to the root of any problem and sorting it out.

Politics makes me fell depressed. Really, though I can’t do anything about it. Just as i can’t influence what music is popular. with any popularity contest, those who understand the issues deeply are always a minority. The ‘masses’ keep electing the same bunch of idiots to run the country and don’t listen to the best music. Whilst I find it harder not to feel depressed about politics, really treating it in the same way as popular music, enables me to not let it bring me down too much.

As someone who likes music and am concerned about the world, I should still keep listening and support efforts to make things better. However I should not feel overly burdened by it.

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